With our new software, we have been able to get feedback from our patients after their visits with us. We have found this to be an invaluable source of information for us in regards to our desire to constantly improve our services and relationships. In many instances patients have provided feedback that has resulted in changes to the betterment of our office. We look foward to hearing from you.


“It was great to meet our new Dentist.  The exam by the hygienist Lisa was very thorough and she explained things very clearly.  The exam from the Doctor was extremely thorough.  I feel very good about the transformation to new Dentists.”  ~ Judith, patient since 1980


“I have RA so over the years have spent a lot of time in doctor's offices. I get tired of going to appointments I'm dreading, sitting in the waiting room for 30 minutes with nothing to read but old issues of Popular Mechanics, dealing with surly office staff and a doctor who seems annoyed at answering my questions.  I am very happy to say that your office and staff are nothing like this - you are fantastic!  The staff is ALWAYS professional, friendly and patient.  I just met the new doctor yesterday and was immediately impressed.  The office is clean, tidy and has fun magazines which I never get to read because you're always on time.  :)  Thank you for consistently being warm and making me feel comfortable and welcome.” ~ Tami, patient since 1997


 “I had Blair for a hygenist for the first time today and she was so great.  Friendly, knowledgeable, gentle ...I'll will definitely be asking for her again.” ~ Pam, patient since 1998


 “Best, most professional dentist I have ever been to” ~ Corey, patient since 2008


“We are so happy with the ease of the transition to the new dentists!! Thank you!”~ Duane, patient since 2006


 “I was thrilled. It was a 3+ hour procedure, with unexpected complications encountered along the way (I will need a 4-tooth sized bridge, not 3; and a root canal was needed; and an extraction will be needed). The root canal was done on the spot, after discussion the extraction was postponed (because I had to go give a lecture series a few days after), and everything was done really beautifully. This was my first time seeing Dr. Saxena, by no means my first time in this office. I don't want to sound disloyal to dear Dr. Cinner, who I've been more than happy with for 40 years, but I'm thinking now that Dr. Saxena may be even better.” ~ Barbara, patient since 1979


 “Great work. Love the new dentist…..” ~ Sylvia, patient since 2007


 “It was my first time working with Dr. Saxena and found him to be very professional, knowledgeable and personable. I was very pleased with the work he did.” ~ Amanda, patient since 2000


 “I received great service from the very first time that I called throughout the visit and when making my next appointment. Everyone was very extremely helpful.” ~ Gina, patient since 2012


 “Getting a crown is not a lot of fun, but Dr. Bawa & Cindy's competence and good humor made it almost fun.” ~ Bradley, patient since 2010


 “Lisa is the best …” ~ Ben, patient since 2007


 “I'm really quite happy with everything. Chris is a very gentle and helpful hygienist. Also, really feel confident w/ Dr S. after having met him. The front office team very helpful as always.” ~ Sylvia, patient since 1999


 “The front office team continues to be exemplary!  And, my hygienist is the soul of expertise and customer service!  A visit to the dentist should be comfortable and friendly - and, the team there makes that happen! I have recommended many friends and colleagues to Dr. Cinner over the past three decades. I sincerely hope the excellence continues!  (Welcome Doctors - you have the best staff in the Valley) !!!”~ Judie, patient since 1994


 “As always, great experience. Dr.Bawa is very good.  Jamie is the best when it comes to cleaning my teeth.” ~ Paula, patient since 2002


 “I was concerned about the new Drs. But when I met him my concern was gone.” ~ Phillip, patient since 2005


 “I saw a new hygienist, Blair. She was very nice, caring and knowledgeable. I liked her way. The new dentist, Dr. Bawa, was honest and kind. I was really nervous when Dr. Cinner retired; but I think they found the right dentists to take his place. Thank you to everyone; but it sure is nice to see the same people up at the desk as well as the hygienists.” ~ Debbie, patient since 2007


 “I'm so happy to have now met both new doctors.  Seems that all of the  good things about the practice are still in place. Kudos for a great transition!” ~ Amy, patient since 2005


 “No issues - just a thanks for being so friendly and understanding of patients who are extremely sensitive to teeth pain!! :)” ~ Neha, patient since 2012